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Chilworth Technology(Process Safety Instruments)
Vapour Flammability
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Vapour Flammability

Gas & Vapour Flammability Measurement

Process hazard studies require flammability data on all liquids and gases handled in industrial processes. The gas and vapour flammability range of test equipment provides the necessary information.

5 Litre Sphere

For the determination of the maximum explosion pressure and maximum rate of pressure rise of gases and vapours. This test apparatus permits testing in accordance with EN requirements. Limited oxygen concentration tests can also be performed with this equipment.

Vessel custom manufactured in either stainless steel or Hastelloy for highly corrosive work. This item is sited within an oven which is included in the package together with a full data acquisition program.

Standard design pressure 40 barg at ambient or optional Hastelloy Vessel with design pressure 70 barg at 250°

Auto Ignition Temperature

For determining the temperature at which a gas or vapour will auto ignite. Equipment can be supplied in accordance with ASTM, DIN, IEC or to the European Classification, Packaging and Labelling in the European Union test standard. The ASTM version comes complete with full data acquisition hardware together with an Auto Ignition data acquisition test program.



Break Flash (Minimum Ignition Current)

For the determination of gas grouping in the specification of electrical equipment in hazardous areas. For testing in accordance with IEC standards.

Flammable Range

For the measurement of upper and lower flammable limits of gases and vapours. This apparatus permits testing in accordance with ASTM and has a temperature range of ambient to 200°C

Flashpoint Measurement

A range of flashpoint test instruments are available covering various temperature ranges dependent upon which tester is purchased.

The temperature ranges available are : 30°C to 300°C, -18°C to 71°C, 40°C to 350°C. Equipment for testing to ASTM, ISO, DIN, BSEN, BS and UN test standards can be provided. 

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