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Chilworth Technology(Process Safety Instruments)
Custom Projects
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Custom Projects

Custom Projects

Laboratory Managers are often asked to source equipment for specific in-house research. The equipment required could well be related to an idea or concept that has been conceived within the company but for which there are no off-the-shelf solutions for the provision of test data. This is where Chilworth's instrument expertise can help, providing design, fabrication and supply to an agreed budget and timetable. Examples of recent projects are highlighted below.

High Pressure Vapour Ignition Research Apparatus

The customer had a requirement for a research test apparatus comprising a high pressure vessel system complete with full data acquisition and control electronics.

Solution: Chilworth designed and supplied a complete system with a pressure vessel capable of, and designed for, a duty of approximately 3500 barg at 400°C.

Data acquisition and control system

1m3 Spherical Explosion Vessel

The client needed to obtain maximum explosion pressure and maximum explosion rate of pressure rise data of various powders dispersed and ignited within a 1m3 spherical vessel. The vessel must be able to withstand high pressure to a maximum of 225 bara @ 100°C.

Solution: Chilworth designed and manufactured the vessel, dispersion and firing electronics required in order to carry out these tests. A high speed data control and acquisition system was also provided with the system. This equipment allows testing in accordance with BS EN and ISO test standards.

Capacitive Spark Discharge inside a 20 Litre Sphere

The client wished to produce capacitive spark discharges within a 20 litre sphere as an alternative ignition source to chemical igniters.

Solution: Chilworth used their Minimum Ignition Energy apparatus as the spark source and integrated a high voltage switching system into the standard apparatus. The capacitive discharges were achieved by interfacing the KSEP 310 igniter firing signal of the 20 litre apparatus with a custom fabricated trigger unit. This in turn activated a capacitive spark discharge across an adjustable spark gap incorporated within the same ignition electrodes normally fitted to a 20 litre sphere.

Pharmaceutical Powder Screening

The client required a small scale laboratory test apparatus which could screen their manufactured pharmaceutical products for magnitude of explosion effects (i.e. maximum pressure and maximum rate of pressure rise) when ignited as a dust cloud. They also had insufficient powders available for 20ltr sphere testing.

Solution: A Hartmann Bomb apparatus based on a 1.2 litre volume Hartmann tube. Whilst realising that the Hartmann Bomb data must not be applied to Process Plant as a basis for safety, the benefit of this apparatus was that only a very small quantity of sample was required for each test.

Because the client wished to make maximum pressure rate comparisons between their various manufactured products, the equipment supplied provided a very useful screening tool. A high speed data acquisition software and hardware solution was provided together with the dispersion and igniter firing electronics.

PDF Leaflet

Waste Stream Screening

The client required apparatus which could effectively screen waste streams for exothermic activity prior to mixing and storing. Waste Streams are often mixed and stored prior to incineration. The mixing and/or storage of incompatible products could result in the storage tank in question venting to atmosphere or suffering catastrophic failure.

Solution: Chilworth designed and manufactured a robust waste stream screening calorimeter for mixing and analysing waste samples taken from an on-site tank and incoming road tanker. The equipment consisted of a mixing tank, dosing vessel with internal heater, agitator, and relief system. Full automated operation was included comprising a custom written software program which also recorded the short duration screening test required. The apparatus is designed for easy use by low skilled operators.

Electric Spark Test apparatus

The client wanted an electric spark test apparatus fabricated to permit them to test to the RARDE Sensitiveness Collaboration Committee manual (test no.6). The apparatus purpose is to classify explosive products into the two recognised electrostatic risk groups according to their in-house guidelines and with reference to the above standard.

Solution: Chilworth Technology designed and fabricated a brand new compact version of the electric spark test apparatus

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