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Fire Testing Technology (국제규격의 각종 난연성시험기)
BS 6387
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We have pleasure in quoting you for a BS 6387 test apparatus. FTT produce the apparatus required for testing of the resistance of cables in accordance with the Birthsi Standard. This apparatus is supplied with the ablitity to access;

1 Resistance to fire alone testing(IEC60331/ BS6387 D2)

2 Resistance to fire with water(BS 6387 D3)

3 Resistance to fire with mechanical shock(BS6387 D4)

Each of these 3 test require that the cables be exposed to burners under prescribed conditions whilst under electrical load. The single 600V power transformer assembly supplied is used in all tests but differnet cable mounting and clamping assemblies and burners are used for each of the 3 tests.

1 Resistance to fire alone testing : as prescribed in BS 6387 D.2.1 Apparatus / IEC 60331-11

The cable is mounted in a chamber on two ring clamps and is exposed to a 610mm tube burner flame. Electrical continuity is checked throughout a 3 hour exposure to the burner set at the appropriate temperature.

2 Resistance to fire with water(clause D3) : as prescribed in BS 6387 D.3.1 Apparatus

The calbe is supported on a metal support and this assembly is housed in an electrically earthed test frame which is held in a large watertight trough. The frame is also fitted with gas burners, a water sprinkler head and means to power and test the continuity of the cables. A 400mm section of the cable sample is exposed to the flames(650°C) from the array of 5 gas burners mounted on 100mm centres for a period of 15minutes, The water spray is then switched on and the cable must maintain electrical intergrity whilst both water and flames impinge on the cable for a further 15 minutes.

3 Resistance to fire with mechanical shock(Clause D4) : as prescibed in BS6387 D.4.1 Apparatus

The cable is mounted ona vertical board made from non combustible material(900mm x 300mm x 9mm). The vertical board is mounted on rubber bushed such that it will resist shock froma a bar which is driven to fall on to the top edge of the board every 30 seconds. The powered cable must maintain electrical continuity during a 15 minutes exposure to flames from an array of burners and impact from the falling bar.

Control Rack

Power Transformer Assembly with variac adjustment 100-600V Phase to Neutral(1000V Phase to Phase) with separate unit containing the continuity lamp circuit for the 3 phases. This unit can be used on the IEC60331 / BS 6387 Clause D2 and BS6387 Clauses D3 & D4 but not simultaeously.

Power Requirements : 3 Phase Star Configuration / 240 Volts

CAUTION : The tests given in thei Quotation involve the use of dangerous voltages, temperatures and water. Wuitable precautions should be taken againt shock, buring, fire and explosion risks that may be involved and against any noxious fumes that may be produced.

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